A New Solution for Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization——BioView

Issuing time:2018-10-23 00:00

Fluorescence in situ hybridization ( FISH) has been widely used in pathology, and the detection of ALK, Her-2 and Ros1 has been carried out more and more. Then the FISH result must be read in the darkroom by the pathologist. Record, judge the result? Is there an automated scan workstation?

The Abbott molecular diagnosis offers a new solution - BioView.

BioView is a powerful full-automatic scanning and result analysis platform for Abbott molecules to facilitate the work of pathologists. BioView refines the FISH automated analysis technology to build a more complete and better FISH working platform for customers.


Bioview can automate scanning, capturing and analyzing the signal of FISH probe in pathological sections, standardizing the process of FISH signal interpretation and analysis, and simplifying the work flow of pathologists.640.jpg

The specific processes in Biovie's work are divided into the following steps :

1. Preparation of the scan, manually select the tumor area to be scanned ( solid tumor samples ), and the whole blood sample scan;

2. Bioview automated scanning FISH samples for image acquisition;

3. SOLO in the hospital  TOUCH satellite workstation or Internet SOLOWEB remote, for review;

4. Synthesize other test results ( HE, special dye ),  IHC, etc. ) issued a pathological report.

Bio View Advantage Highlights :

Accuracy : improve the accuracy, objectivity and repeatability of FISH signal analysis through software algorithms.

Diversity and scalability : the system can operate a variety of specimens and probes, with the increase of customer detection items, the corresponding probe application can be extended.

Improve work efficiency : speed up FISH detection and analysis by simplifying the analysis steps of FISH detection.

Comfort : automatic imaging, scanning microscope system, reducing the working time next to the microscope.

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