The common solution of digital PCR

Issuing time:2018-10-23 00:00

With the rapid development of precision medicine, the platform and testing technology are changing with each passing day.Today, I attended a special lecture on 3D Digital PCR, just to take this opportunity to talk about Digital What kind of charm does PCR have?

In fact, digital PCR is not a new technology, as early as 2003 when Dressman and other inventions of the beaming technology, after this,digital PCR will slowly appear in front of people. But why is it that such an advanced technology has only now begun to be valued by everyone? Is the digital PCR technology really just "flower fist embroidered legs"?So far, there are still a lot of researchers who have only heard the technology through hearsay, and the true principle is not clear.The reaction system in a PCR tube is evenly distributed into thousands of small systems, ensuring that there is only one copy of each small system.If the reaction sends out a fluorescent signal, the amount of signal is read out through the signal. So it seems that it's a normal PCR reaction, but it's a huge boost in terms of sensitivity and accuracy.

Here you may think, how to ensure that there is only one copy of each small system, there are only three ways on the market, namely daub type, atomize type and small drop type, the overall distribution effect of the three in actual combat is good, of course the latter effect is better.What is interesting is that this PCR technology has broken through the traditional octa and 96-well plate, and the chip as the system carrier has become the main trend.

At present, there are four kinds of digital PCR products: ABI 3D digital PCR system, Bole micro-drop digital PCR system, raindance digital PCR system.Specific information and distinction, a lot of on the net also very convenient check.

So what's the point?Here I believe that technology is dead, but people's imagination is rich, as long as willing to think and explore, it will have unlimited possibilities!Here I would like to give you a brief list of the areas that are currently in a wide range of applications :

Small mutations

2. Detection of cancer markers    

3, Noninvasive prenatal examination

4, Mini difference detection of CNV

5. Detection of Pathogenic Microorganisms

Microrna studies

Absolute quantification of NGS sequencing Libraries

Quantitative detection of DNA methylation directly related to epigenetics

Quantitative identification of ChIP

Compared with the traditional qPCR technology, digital PCR technology has a very high sensitivity, specificity and accuracy, but so far, the digital PCR is very useful for the majority of researchers.It is still a new detection method, and we should keep an open mind when we look at the application prospect of digital PCR, digital PCR technology is not so much a new detection platform, as it is regarded as a new technical ideas and means, in this platform will have more should beit helps us to reach a higher level of molecular biology research.

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