China's Phase I Clinical Trial of Ebola Vaccine Has Been Safely and Effectively Recognized

Issuing time:2018-10-23 00:00

The lancet, one of The world's top medical journals, was published on Monday by The PLA General Logistics Department. The full text of the 2014 gene-based Ebola vaccine phase I clinical trial research results.

The vaccine was jointly developed by Chen Wei's innovative team of the Institute of Bioengineering of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences and the Tianjin Kangshino Biotechnology Co, Ltd. After the Ebola outbreak, our country immediately launched a major infectious disease joint prevention and control work mechanism, the General Logistics Department in conjunction with the State Food and Drug Administration, use of special review procedures to ensure that the world's first genotype 2014 vaccine enters the clinic.

The reporter learned that the vaccine clinical trial by the Jiangsu Province CDC researcher Zhu Fengcai presided over the China Medical City in Taizhou completed the dose increase of 120 volunteersrandomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase I trial, the results showed that the vaccine safety, the main adverse reactions are injection site pain,no serious adverse events occurred, the cellular immune level reached the highest at 14 days after vaccination, the antibody level reached the peak at 28 days, 2 weeks ahead of vaccination can achieve immune protection.

It is reported that the United States, Canada is currently in clinical research of Ebola vaccine are 1976 genotype, liquid preparation, need minus 80 degrees Celsius cryopreservation and transportlose.China's vaccine is genotype 2014, highly targeted, can deal with the current Ebola epidemic and future epidemic prevention and control;good stability, the first freeze-dried vaccine, can be stable at room temperature for more than 2 weeks, suitable for use in tropical West Africa, and have large-scale production technology conditions,meeting the urgent need of epidemic prevention and control.

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