Founded in 2015, Jinlu Biotechnology (Jinlu Bio) is a privately held assay development company and a certified IVD manufacturer by National Medical Product Administration, located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, China.  Jinlu Bio develops tests for molecular pathology diagnosis of human conditions including cancers and hematological diseases, currently has more than 50 class I and class III combined registered products.  Jinlu Bio strives to transform biomedical discoveries into clinical applications based on the cutting edge technologies, thus offering clinician new tools to better serve patient needs with improved diagnosis and treatment.

   Developed on the advanced bioinformatics technical platform, Jinlu Bio’s OligoGlow FISH probes display sharp signals with no background, and yet at reduced costs, offer our customers the best value in the field.  Jinlu Bio’s QuickFISH technology reduces the hybridization time to 1-2 hours from the traditional overnight hybridization, significantly improves work efficiency and accelerates test reporting processes. In addition, Jinlu Bio provides a complete FISH resolution in combination of automation and artificial intelligence, from slide pre-treatment, hybridization to post-hybridization washing, signal collection and processing, thus ensure the test repeatability and accuracy.  Jinlu Bio also offers custom-made FISH probe service supporting clinical research and applications for other species as well as product development services to corporate clients.  

   Jinlu Bio is in the process of introducing other technical platforms to enrich our product pipelines to better serve the needs and meet the increasing demands for new and improved diagnostic assays in the field of clinical pathology.